Gary Cantor, Durham Medical Genius

February 27, 2017

Gary Cantor, Durham
medical researcher, is a fourth-year Ph.D. while still in his 20s. He now views the human body as an advanced computer and that the human genome is the body’s instruction manual. Anyone with a working knowledge of the body’s instruction manual can quite possible keep the computer running well forever. Gary’s education and his medical research journey started while he was studying biology at the University of Florida as a teen. In addition to working as a researcher in his first lab back then, he also spent one summer in San Francisco, as a four-month internship with Genentech in their Translational Oncology department, where he helped work on a promising treatment for breast cancer.

His journey started as a very young boy in Coral Springs, Florida. That was when Gary Cantor discovered the medical reality show, “Trauma: Life in the ER,” on TV and felt a calling to a career in medicine. At first, he wanted to be a surgeon because they were just cool, but he soon changed his mind to become a medical researcher. The world will be glad he did so, someday.